Bottled Water Delivery – The Bottle

Bottled water delivery service is an important part of the bottled water industry. For homes and offices it is a convenient way to receive cost effective, high quality drinking water on a truyền nước tại nhà basis.

Studies have shown that use of purified water in the workplace increases productivity and improves the overall health of the workforce.

An essential part of any bottled water delivery service is the actual bottle itself. The bottle is the water vessel that sits atop the water cooler and most bottles are the 5 gallon variety often with the name of the water service provider on the side.

But not all 5 gallon bottles are the same. The world of 5 gallon bottles can be divided into two categories: old style and new style.

Old style bottles are basic bottles used by many of the larger, older bottled water delivery service providers. They tend to be cumbersome and hard to handle and often result in messy and dangerous water spills when they are installed on the water cooler. Some service providers put paper labels on the side which are very unsightly.

New style 5 gallon bottles on the other hand are designed to be ergonomically and user friendly. They have carrying handles that make installation safe and easy and many use spill proof caps that are neat and clean thereby avoiding the messy spills that are found with old style bottles. Spill proof caps also allow bottles to be easily transferred from one cooler to another and are popular in large office environments.

Many of the new style bottles are silk screened with the name and logo of the service provider and are attractive as well as unobtrusive. They work equally well in both home and office environments. Silk screening avoids the shabby Impression that paper labels often show.

One problem that older, larger bottled water delivery companies have is that it is difficult to transition from the old style bottles to the new style bottle. This is because older companies have a significant investment in the installed base of old style bottles and it would be very costly to adopt new style bottles.

Finally, new style bottles cost no more to the consumer than old style bottles but are easier to use, safer and more attractive than old style bottles.

When choosing a bottled water delivery service provide determine whether they use old style or new style bottles. New style will deliver more value to you, the customer.

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