Is FBMaxed Just Another Wannabe Facebook Based Product? An Honest FBMaxed Review

With Facebook marketing becoming the guru mantra of the new Internet marketing generation, we decided to take a closer look at the program. The program promises to be a completely new take on the Facebook marketing systems that have been milling around of late. But, on looking at the system at close quarters, and even putting it into action, we found that this is a system that might deliver on the promises it makes.

This is a fully customizable system in which you can submit your own Facebook websites, or, to put it in simple terms, you can post websites on Facebook pages. Earlier, you could only show images on Facebook, but with this system, you will be able to show entire websites. And there is no limitation on how tall your webpage is, it will be all there on the Facebook page itself without needing your readers to scroll.

Of course, the potential is immense. Facebook has millions of users, and if you could show your website on Facebook pages, it could mean an immense deal of exposure, with direct traffic hits happening virtually every hour. People do not even need to ‘like’ your page to check out your stuff like before-they can do it before they decide to ‘like’ you.

So, is it just a static website, or a website on which you can do things? From an Internet marketer’s point of view, this becomes an important point to consider. We found out that there are at least three important things that a marketer would find these Facebook embed code generator appealing for:-

1. They can add their opt-in pages onto the websites. So, an interested visitor has the ability to not just ‘like’ the page, but they can also opt-in and add themselves to the website’s list.

2. They can add videos onto the webpage. Videos can be maximized to play on the full screen of the computer.

3. They can change the background colors of the webpage using a very simple FTP program and a text editor.

Hitherto, these things were possible by using the FBML (Facebook Markup Language), which is now on its way to becoming defunct. That is the reason why FB Maxed uses capabilities built into an iFrames system, which makes the whole designing process quite future-proof. The templates can be created on an HTML5 framework, which is also compatible with mobile phones (it is relevant to note that many Facebook users use mobile applications to access their Facebook activities).

In all respects, FB Maxed has qualified as a great Facebook application for promoting an online business and it is not surprising why it is garnering a lot of attention. There are webinars going on currently to get to know the product better. You could take advantage of this opportunity to get a sneak peek of what the system is all about and whether it will work for your needs.

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