Jerking it with a penis pump

Jerking it with a penis pump: One of the most common uses for penis pumps is for jerking off. The sensation is similar to a blowjob, only with the use of a pump – помпы для увеличения члена the user is in control of the pressure instead of the person giving the blow job. How many times have you been in a situation where your partner is sucking you off only to take a break at just the wrong moment? Obviously that won’t happen when you are in control with the sucking power of penis pumps.

The Pump for the man’s man. If your tool box is more elaborate than your home decor, then you will love the Top Gauge by California Exotic. This is the most butch penis pump ever made. Featuring a sturdy pistol-grip pump with a quick release trigger safety valve, you won’t know if you are going to a shooting range or pumping your cock. What ever you are doing, sound the alarm, because shots will be fired when you use the Top Gauge. An impressive and easy to read pressure gage accurately displays the amount xPas sucking away at your dick. A removable form fitting latex sleeve will add that extra seal you have all been looking for. The 7 inch chamber will fit most men ready to pump it up. So put down your jack-hammer and give the Top Gauge a try.

Perfect first time penis pump. First Time Penis Pump by Pipedreams, was designed with beginners in mind. The extraordinarily simple design should not confuse anyone. Simply insert your dick into the rubber doughnut sleeve, place one finger over the small hole on the side of the tube and pump away with the easy to grip rubber pump. When you have pumped to your heart’s content, release your finger and remove. It could not be any simpler than that.

Shane’s World, famous for their high quality college-girl-turn-porn star movies, developed one of the most unique penis pumps on the market. College Pump ditches the typical pistol grip or medical ball pump mechanisms for an easy to squeeze two finger trigger. The opening at the base is small enough to accommodate even the most modest members, yet the soft rubber sleeve is forgiving for the big guys too. When you are finished, release the vacuum suction nearly instantly with the quick release purge valve.

Squeeze one off with the Pistol Pump. Pistol Pump by California Exotics clearly understands what you love most about penis pumps. Developed with the penis pump masturbator in mind, the Pistol Pump includes a removable super-soft Senso sleeve with texture nodules. If you have not received the thrill you were looking for with smooth pumps, this one will not let you down. The nodules will give you the texture you need, while the pump engorges your shaft with a powerful sucking sensation. Don’t take my word for it; measure the results using the ruler conveniently located on the side. The pistol grip pump is easy to use, and the release trigger will quickly let release the suction when you are ready. If all that was not enough, each pistol pump is packaged with free lube!

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