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Who are we?
As the name suggests, FindIt is all about discovering new things around you. We want to be your daily partner in your life’s new adventures. FindIt is the biggest online center in Sri Lanka that lets you discover the latest deals, events, offers, and promotions in the united states. With FindIt, you can find the best facilities a place has to offer, ranging across a wide variety of areas from movies to furniture. Whether its a small business or a large one, FindIt is a one-stop destination that provides an effective digital platform for promoting your business.

Why choose us?
Build better communities

What makes a residential area better? We believe that successful local businesses play a key role in the progress of society. And how can we make that happen? With a perfect combination of flourishing businesses matched with frequent customers. We are the bridge between budding businesses and potential buyers, and we attempt to make better communities through economic impact food promotions in sri lanka. With your advanced technology and your cooperation, we all can make any difference.

Add enjoyment to your life
All of us want our lives to be full of fun and enjoyment. At FindIt, that means offering amazing deals to your customers that can be enjoyed anywhere they’re going. For traders, it means helping their businesses get more customers and profit.

Everything is about the customers can use
Customer is the king. And that’s why we are here. They are the central source of any business. When customers adopt us in their daily lives, that means we have delivered great service and value. Whether its consumers or traders, everything at FindIt is focused around the satisfaction of customers, and we are committed to doing the best we can for our customers.

What do we must offer?
For Consumers

FindIt helps you discover the best activities, eat and buy-wherever you are! Make every day of your life interesting with FindIt. Dine at the finest places to eat, enjoy a soothing spa, relax yourself with exciting grooming and shopping choices or just explore your city- there is something for everyone at FindIt.

From luxury resorts to affordable apartments, movie tickets to a car wash, all you could want is just a click away. Based on your neighborhood and preference, our smart engine will suggest new things for you to explore. In fact, with so many options around you, you’ll definitely want to try something new every time.

At FindIt, we believe that you should be always doing things that make you happy. Especially, with your friends, family and loved ones, you should make the most of your life. That is why for us at FindIt, being a trusted companion on your life’s journey is extremely crucial.

FindIt makes sure that every time you may spend a cent from your pocket, it’s totally worth it. Whether it’s trying a new food, getting a new haircut or joining a new gym, with FindIt you can be assured that you would get the best deal. Because at FindIt, we feature goods that are not only up to the mark but also reasonable.

For Traders

In this digital era, it’s extremely vital for your business to attract as many online customers as you can. But here’s the catch. The web is full of so many websites and places that it becomes disorderly to get the right target audience for your website and social media handles.

FindIt enhances the online presence of your business and leads to more online buyers. Whether you want to increase online sales & leads, traffic, SEO ranking or need digital marketing consultation and social media campaigns, FindIt is there for you. With your 24×7 expert support, you can get high MOTOROLA ROI, find new clients and increase your brand awareness.

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