What is a Soccer Expert? A Book Review

“You Can Be A Soccer Expert by Having Fun” is written by kid Expert Max. This hilarious, light-hearted article from kid-expert Max shows what you should know about the sport of soccer. Max knows lots about soccer. After all, he has been playing it for over three months now. So he is pretty much an expert in this book.

Soccer is one of those games that can appeal to everyone; even the cynics who think they have no aptitude for it. You can count on one thing about soccer experts, though. They will always tell you that you cannot predict a winner, and that you must be a genius or a fanatic just to make a go of it. If you are really into soccer, then you would understand the wisdom of such advice. Otherwise, it is bound to rub your face in the fact that you do not know a lot more about soccer than most of the bettors.

So I got to ask the question, “What is it that one needs to know to be a genius at soccer?” That is what I asked myself too, and I think I did a pretty good job of answering it. That is why I want to share with you my favorite short tongue-in-cheeks guide to become a genius at soccer, and here is how it went down. Enjoy!

Almost Three Weeks to Win the Title of Soccer Jonny Alien – Chuyen gia profile bong da: What it Takes to Be a Genius at Soccer is an interesting little tongue-in-cheeks guide by kid-expert Mario Caceres. In this short book, the ex-soccer Caceres shares his almost three weeks spent watching and learning soccer games from TV. There is also information about Caceres’ training methods, and also about the mental preparation needed for a soccer player to be a genius at soccer.

Soccer Expert Reveals Everything Needed to Be a Genius at Soccer: This is the second part of the tongue-in-cheek guide to become a genius at soccer, and I must say that I liked this book a lot more than the first one. It is more detailed and more descriptive. Well, almost all things that can be written on a book must be written in this one. I for one liked the information given about mental preparation for a player.

All I can say is that this little volume really made me believe that there really is such thing as a soccer genius. Indeed, Caceres may be a soccer genius, but I doubt if he is proud of it. I mean, he is a soccer expert because he is an ex-professional soccer player, and I am pretty sure that he spent almost three weeks just playing soccer, so maybe he is a soccer expert after all.

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